Understanding Nature Vol. 2
Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

This is the second volume in the Understanding Nature series. This one is just for kids! Well, it's really for adults who love kids and want them to experience wonder and excitement for the natural world.

If you are an adult who works with kids, consider this a resource book of fun activities to help spark their interest and imagination. The benefits are many - exercise and fresh air, sparking curiosity, developing a healthy attitude toward nature, and just plain having FUN!

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What Customers Are Saying

"I am very fortunate to have parents that always sent us outside to play as kids. We lived on 12 acres of land so our backyard was my playground. After listening to this book I realized this generation is missing out on so much of what I took for granted as a child.

This well written book gives tips and advise on how to get children to appreciate and enjoy nature. There are some fun ideas and games that will engage a child's imagination and curiosity. Can't wait to try some of these tips with my nieces and nephews. Oh, and the narration was perfect for this type of genre."

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I am so pleased to have Adam B Crafter as the narrator for the audio book edition! He really makes it come to life. Click the Audible logo to hear a sample.
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