Understanding Nature Vol. 1
Enjoying Nature at a Deeper Level

If you love nature and being outdoors - hiking, smelling the fresh air, and feeling the warm sun on your skin - you will love this book! This fascinating book is filled with activities to increase your enjoyment and understanding of the natural world. Not only will you experience nature at a deeper level, you will come to realize that you are part of the natural world and it is part of you!

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What Customers Are Saying:

Not since I Was a Young Girl!

"I not only enjoyed the activities that the author Rick McKeon suggested in this book but many were true eye openers for me. I personally have been on a number of backpacking adventures (it's time shared with some people I love most) but my number one go to activity for relaxation is simply taking a walk out in nature. If you would have asked me if I consider myself to be observant to my surroundings while out hiking, I would have answered, "Absolutely." That's why I was so AMAZED at what I had been missing when I tried Activity 3.1: Expanding Circles of Awareness.

The beauty I witnessed during the activity was nothing short of life changing! I realized that I had been rushing everything from the smells around me to the changing of colors. I have since walked a few of my same old familiar trails and have seen them with new eyes. I actually spent a half hour watching a leaf twist and twirl while making its way down a creekside. I haven't done that since I was a young girl! Thank you Rick McKeon"

Even Better than I Expected!

"I got this book for our summer travels and expected it to help us enjoy and appreciate nature more. The book definitely does that with all the activities and all the tidbits of information (such as the different smells of pine trees that vary from vanilla to butterscotch).

But what it also does - and that was an unexpected and pleasant surprise - is that this book focuses on the idea of mindfulness and awareness. I loved the example with the ticking wristwatch that can be heard from (relatively) far away if we focus on it.

Adam Crafter is a perfect narrator for the audiobook edition. His narration pace is conducive to thought, reflection and developing the mindfulness that this book is intended to promote."

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I am so pleased to have Adam B. Crafter as the narrator for the audio edition! He really makes the text come to life. Click the Audible logo to hear a sample.
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