Treasure Hunting

The picture to the left shows just a few of the coins and jewelry I have found in the last couple of years. There are treasures still buried out there! I find them almost every day! I hike around to the places most people don't go and I find old coins, jewelery and lots of interesting stuff. Remember - wherever people spend time they loose stuff! That's just the way it is. They don't want to loose valuable stuff but they do! It's there for you to find!

Click HERE to watch the trailer "Treasure Hunting with Rick Mckeon"

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Lessons Learned

Caution when Digging
Be careful when digging a target. You might come up with a rusty razor blade!

Caution! (video)
4/6/16 Had to Fix My Metal Detector Arm Rest
It may look a little crude, but I think it is going to work just fine. I bought a 4" PVC coupler at Home Depot for $1.25, cut it in half lengthwise and attached it to the old broken one. Then I put some sticky back foam in it. We'll see how it holds together in the field!
6/22/15 The Last Few Outings
This is a collection of video clips from my last few outings. Also, I have added my new trailer at the beginning and end.

The Last Few Outings (video)
Ring, Coin Spill and A Mystery! - 2/20/14
This was a fun Treasure Hunting adventure! Maybe not a high dollar value of findings, but some interesting finds.

A Ring, A Coin Spill and A Mystery! (video)
The Ridge Trail - 2/10/14
What a beautiful day! Even though it is February the weather is perfect - bright blue skies and cool breezes. The Ridge Trail is gorgeous and we have the chance to find some treasure. What could be better!

The Ridge Trail (video)
The Old Mine - Summer 2013
I'm amazed that this old mining site has yielded up so many nice coins. It is right next to a popular hiking trail and there is easy access to it. So, I just got lucky. I'm sure I am the first person to have searched this site with a metal detector. I have visited a LOT of other sites where this was not the case!

The Old Mine (video)
The Old Orchard - November 2013:
It's been a while since I have found some old silver coins so I was really pleased to find a couple in this beautiful old orchard.

The Old Orchard (video)
Sorting Coins:
So you have a bunch of coins you want to put back in circulation? Here's a great little hand-cranked coin sorter. It does work if you baby it!

Coin Sorter (video)

Coins In Circulation 11/11/13:
At any given time what coins are in circulation? Can we relate the average age of coins in circulation today to that old mining site, drive in theater or homestead you are searching? This is not a scientific study and it's based on a pretty small sample set - but it is real.

Whenever I get coins in change I just throw them in my coin jar and then, every so often, put them back in circulation. Based on this inventory it looks like coins in circulation typically go back about  about 50 years. So the site you are searching doesn't have to be that old to put you back into the silver (1964)! The contents of my "coin jar" are shown in the spread sheet below. Notice that for dimes and quarters the dates go right back to almost 1964 but don't include 1964. You know someone is going to pull them from circulation.
Coins In Circulation: My Coin Jar (pdf)
My First Year:
Here's a summary of my first year's finds. Maybe not a lot of dollar value, but a lot of fun! Also, in this video I show how I clean up coins to put them back in circulation.

My First Year (video)

The Old Motel:
This is an old motel just down the road from me in Prescott, AZ. The owner of the property said, "Go for it" and I found a merc! The property has since been sold -  will probably be torn down and will not be available again.

The Old Motel (video)
The Garrett Pro-Pointer:
This is a great tool to find what is right in front of your face.

Garrett Pro-Pointer (video)
Bibliography (pdf)