Nature's Small World
When Viewed Close up Ordinary Things Become Extraordinary!

Looking at nature close up is amazing! It opens up whole new vistas, and you see things you have never seen before. Ordinary objects become extraordinary!

After purchasing a microscope to view stamps and coins on my computer I thought I'd have a look at a leaf. Wow! I was amazed at all of the beauty and detail I had been missing! So, this is my way of sharing some of the wonder and beauty I have found.

This is a collection of beautiful images taken through the microscope and then the same objects at normal size so you can tell what they are. See if you can guess what they are before looking at the answer. I bet you will be surprised at some of them!

Click HERE for a Preview. Click HERE to see a Video Trailer.

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What Customers Are Saying:

Ordinary Objects under a Microscope

"You wouldn't think that looking at ordinary objects under a microscope and then photographing them could be fun, interesting, curious, awe inspiring and beautiful, but that is exactly what they are! What are these objects? I'm not telling. That might spoil the guessing game that Rick McKeon has created for the reader."

What an Amazing Little Book!
"What an amazing little book! Flipping each page took me back to my childhood looking at ants and leaves with a magnifying glass. I love having to guess what the slides were."

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