Neural Networks

Neural Networks are modeled after biological computers like the human brain. Instead of following a sequential set of instructions, a neural network consists of a bunch of "neurons" that act together in parallel -  all at once - to produce an output! They are great at pattern recognition. Instead of writing a program like you would for a conventional microprocessor you "train" a neural network. How amazing is that!

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I'm Writing a Book!
Neural Networks: A Nontechnical Introduction

I'm so excited to share this project with you! It really is a nontechnical introduction for the layman and hobbyiest. 

There are hundreds of books and technical papers on this topic, but they are mostly way beyond the average person's ability to understand. This introduction may not give you all the technical details, but it will be an interesting, colorful, and fun introduction to this fascinating topic.

This project will take a while to complete. In the meantime I'll be posting some articles here, so keep checking back.

Articles from "Neural Networks: A Nontechnical Introduction"
Preface (pdf)
This is the updated Preface as of 7/29/17. Your input is always welcome. If you have ideas or suggestions I would love to hear them. This project is still in its early stages.

Chapter 1. Biological Networks (pdf)
This is a brief introduction to nature's biological computers. The subtitle of this book is, "A Nontechnical Introduction" so let me know if you think I am succeeding.

Interesting Internet Resources
There are many excellent resources on the Internet. Here are a few of my favorites:

Lara Boyd TED Talk: The Plastic Brain (YouTube video)
It's commonly accepted that your learning ability diminished as you get older. That is NOT TRUE! Don't accept that fable! Here's an interesting TED talk by Lara Boyd on "The Plastic Brain." I have a saying posted on my living room wall that says, "It's Not Over Yet!" and I believe it! So, come on, fellow boomers - don't  give up or give in - continue to be creative and productive!

Brittany Wenger TED Talk (YouTube video): A young girl decides to build a neural network for detecting breast cancer. Despite initial failures she went on to have amazing successes!