The Natural Banjo Player
Nature's Lessons for Effortless Playing

If you study nature closely you will understand the strategies and techniques that the natural world has developed over millions of years! Many of these strategies can be applied to the banjo. With practice, your banjo playing will become enjoyable, natural and effortless!

The Natural Banjo Player is available as a beautiful paperback, a Kindle book and as an Audio book.

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in Banjos and in Music Techniques

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What Customers Are Saying:

"Hi Rick, Got the Kindle version of The Natural Banjo Player yesterday, and spent half the night reading it. Excellent the way you tied banjo to nature. It can also apply to how one approaches life itself. Picked up some good tips. I understand now why you are such a good instructor and inspiration. Thank you Rick, the world could use more people like you."

"Rick, I enjoyed reading your book The Natural Banjo Player. You really have an interesting way of looking at the world and banjo playing. I'll be 60 in a few months. I was basically a classical music guy nearly all of my life - I have played piano, clarinet, sax and viola at different stages in my life. Since I started banjo, I have become a bluegrass addict."

"The biggest issue that has impeded my banjo progress so far is tension. Several tips in your book have really helped me deal with tension. At the beginning of my warmup, I work on relaxing my left hand using the chord exercises you describe in the book. This gets my mind focused on how my left hand should feel while playing. I hope you don't think this is too weird, but I imagine you just telling me to relax and have fun. You have such a calm relaxed manner."

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