Lessons Learned

We all have our ups and downs as we travel on this journey. Sometimes we stand on the mountain top, and sometimes we find ourselves in a deep valley. Many times I have felt like I could float on the wind like a seagull!

Hopefully, in all of this, we have learned a few lessons along the way. So here's my  opportunity to get a little bit philosophical and share some interesting and inspiring stories with you.

Exciting New Project! Do you want to see your story published here?

Some of my friends have asked if I would publish their stories. So, I started thinking, "Why not open it up to everybody who has an inspiring story to share?" Who knows, if we get enough submissions this project could end up as a published book - a paperback, Kindle book or audiobook! Of course, if your story is included, you will receive credit for your contribution (no actual cash though).

If you are interested in submitting a story, check out the story guidelines HERE.

Contributors So Far:

Rick McKeon

Dennis Montgomery

Gerard S. Coard

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Magic Moments (pdf)
These moments happen only rarely, but I have experienced a few. They make life infinitely more enjoyable! This was a magic moment I experienced while hiking in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California

Evolution and the Lawnmower (pdf)
This may be a little bit tongue in cheek, but there is a message in there somewhere.
Funny Stories
Not all lessons have to be learned the hard way. Sometimes a funny experience can teach us a lesson.

Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously
This was a fun lesson I learned while playing a rest home gig. I think many times we take ourselves too seriously. Most situations can be a lot more relaxed and fun than we make them.
Business Related
We spend a large part of our lives trying to build a career and make a living. Along the way we learn many valuable lessons about ourselves and how to interact with others. I bet you will relate to some of these stories.

We Don't Want Satisfied Customers
That's a pretty provocative statement, but read the article and let me know what you think. This is a true story from a very stressful event in my life. Would you have done the same?

The Importance of Communications
Like many of my lessons learned, this one was painful!

Your Conservative Proposal
Submit a conservative proposal and deliver ahead of time. This is much better than delivering an aggressive proposal and being late!
Stories with Suspense
A bit of suspense will make for a stronger impression.

When Not to Say "Boo!" - by Gerard S. Coard
Sometimes it is just best to keep our mouths shut.

BANG! BANG! - by Gerard S. Coard
When you come close to loosing your life - now, that gets your attention!
Personal Growth and Fulfillment
Some of the lessons we learn are funny and some are embarrassing. In any case, we learn about ourselves and what we can contribute to others.

Learn to Listen
This was a very embarrassing incident, but the lesson was written indelibly in my brain!

Do What You Do Best
We all have our unique strengths and our shortcomings. As this article points out, you will be happiest and most productive when you do what you do best.

The Ponytail - by Dennis Montgomery
You may never know what people like about you. You may never know what a positive influence you are having on others!
Perseverance and Success
One Step at a Time
This is a lesson that we learn while out hiking, but it is applicable in many areas of life!