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Guitar 100: Basic Exercises and Technique
Introduction To Alternating Thumb (video) Tab (pdf) Tab (tef)
Good Night Ladies (video) Tab (pdf) Tab (tef)
Good Night Ladies - Variation Tab (pdf) Tab (tef)
Skip To My Lou (video) Tab (pdf) Tab (tef)
Skip To My Lou - Variation Tab (pdf) Tab (tef)
Guitar 200: Fingerstyle Arrangements for the Guitar
No Money Rag (video) Tab (pdf) Tab (tef) Lyrics (pdf)
Guitar 300: Music Theory for Guitar Players
These video lessons are based on the book Music Theory Made Really Easy. Work through these lessons and I bet you will agree that music theory is easy and fun!

To learn more about this book click HERE.

Lesson 1. The Major Scale
Lesson 2. Reading Notation and Tablature
Lesson 3. Key Signatures
Lesson 4. Timing
Lesson 5. Musical Intervals
Lesson 6. Chord Construction
Lesson 7. Chords in a Key
Lesson 8. Movable Chords
Lesson 9. The Nashville Number System
Lesson 10. Minor Scales and Modes
Guitar 400: Other Guitar Related Stuff
Early Blues Masters Quiz: How Many Can You Recognize?

Here's a fun way to test your knowledge of the early blues masters. First look at the Quiz and try to guess as many as you can. Then look at he Legend to see how you did. You aren't graded on this quiz and nobody is looking over your shoulder, so have fun!

Quiz (pdf)     Legend (pdf)

Comfortable Armrest

It's a little pricey, but very comfortable. I don't represent this company or receive any compensation. Just wanted to share it. You can learn more here.