My Guitar Heroes

I am pleased to offer links to some of my mentors, friends and guitar heroes.
These are wonderful players and wonderful people!
If you love music, you will enjoy these amazing musicians. Just click on their link.

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Mike Dowling

When the late, great Vassar Clements heard Mike Dowling play guitar back in 1975 he did the sensible thing. He hired him. Mike was the guitarist in Vassar's first touring band and can be heard on his Grammy-nominated "Nashville Jam". Clements called him simply, "One of the finest guitarists there is, anywhere." Echoing that sentiment is an ever-growing chorus of music critics, guitar students, and acoustic music fans from throughout the world.

From bottleneck blues to vintage jazz and much more in between, Mike's musicality, depth, and mastery of the instrument translates fluently to flattop, archtop, and resonator guitars alike.

I have had the privilege of studying with Mike at several music camps including International Guitar Seminars and Mike's own Greater Yellowstone Music Camp. If you want to hear wonderful control and excellent tone visit Mike's website HERE.

Pete Pancrazi

Pete has been "one to watch" in the Phoenix area since taking up residence here in 1990. Through the years, he has cultivated a large and loyal following. Audiences enjoy his nimble guitar work and warm vocals in settings ranging from solo performances at venues in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area to the complexity of his quartet at the Desert Botanical Gardens jazz series. Pete continues to delight audiences with a growing repertoire of original compositions, presented in performance alongside straight-ahead and Latin jazz sounds. He has released four CDs to date and looks forward to his next recording project.

In addition to being a popular performer, Pete is also a sought-after private teacher and clinician.

When I lived in Phoenix, Arizona I had the opportunity to study with Pete. He is a wonderful player and excellent teacher! Visit Pete's website HERE.

Mary Flower

Guitarist, singer and songwriter Mary Flower is that rare breed of American roots artist. Her devotion to the art form is both lovingly and historically accurate, yet her creativity lends it vitality and energy that it might continue, evolve and flourish in an age of increasingly digitized and compressed music.

I have had the pleasure of studying with Mary at several summer music camps. Her classes are fun and informative. She is a great ragtime picker and insightful teacher. Visit Mary's website HERE.

Chuck Hulihan

Chuck Hulihan, has enjoyed a vast career over the past twenty years as a performer, educator, conductor, narrator, arts administrator, and as a classical music radio host. Chuck has Directed the Guitar Program at Glendale Community College since 1999, where he is the Assistant Department Chair for Performing Arts, and serves on the Arts Advisory Board for the Maricopa Community College District. In January of 2015 Chuck was chosen by his peers to receive the GCC Gaucho Globe Award for Supporting Student Success.

When I was studying music at Glendale Community College I had the privalege of studying guitar with Chuck. To learn more visit his Facebook page HERE or his GCC page HERE.

Orville Johnson

Orville Johnson can sing the blues, pick the guitar and dobro and just about anything with strings on it, write you a song and tell you a story and then teach you how to do it, too. He's been doing it all his life since he grew up next to the Mississippi river and now, years later, after traveling the world and spreading the joy of music far and wide, he's still at it. Johnson is a hard musician to categorize since he can do it all. He's a singer, player, songwriter, author, record producer, loves every aspect of music and wants to let you know about it.

I have had the privilege of studying with Orville at several music camps. What a wonderful musician, teacher and friend! Orville is amazing! Visit his website HERE.

Gerard Coard

When I lived in Phoenix, Arizona Gerard and I were "The Red Shoe Band." We played at folk festivals, coffee houses and bars. We were also part of our church band. There we played gospel songs, but everywhere else we played the blues!