Ghost Towns, Mines and Abandoned Sites - Prescott, AZ
Much of the history of this fascinating area is already lost forever! Prescott has  an amazing - rough and wild - past. I never was interested in history until I moved to this beautiful mountain community. As I started exploring the Bradshaw and Sierra Prieta Mountains I became fascinated with the history of this place. While out hiking I'll come across an old foundation and wonder, "Who lived here? What were they doing - mining, logging, cattle ranching?" In some cases we know. In other cases we will never know for sure. On this web page I am going to share with you some of my discoveries. They may not be the most famous places, but they will be fascinating!

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The Convergent Mine
This is a nice easy hike out to the Convergent Mine on the Bean Peaks. We start from the east end of the Schoolhouse Gulch Trail #67. To reach the trailhead drive south on Senator Highway. At mile marker #4 take the the Schoolhouse Gulch Rd for one mile. Right at the entrance to the Prescott Pines camp there is parking for a few cars.
Convergent Mine (video)
The Old Pipeline
If you hike out from the White Spar campground (on Rt.89, also called White Spar Road) on Trail 396 you will climb up over a ridge and then drop down to Banning Creek.  Along this creek (and going up to Lower Goldwater lake) is a pipeline that brought water from Lower Goldwater Lake to Prescott. You will find an old broken cast iron pipeline but - if you look closer - you will find an even older pipeline made of wooden slats wrapped with wire!
The Old Pipeline (video)
Bibliography (pdf)