Student Comments

I have received hundreds of emails from students around the world. Here are just a few that make me glad to have the privilege of sharing these lessons!

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"Your lessons enabled me to actually play songs and make progress early on. The value of that to a new student is great and keeps us going as opposed to just putting the banjo in the closet and dropping it."

"I know it is a huge effort to produce such a quality lesson, but it has literally changed my life! I have music EVERY DAY! I can't wait to get home and get the banjo out! Thank you again. I am having a ball."

"Hi Rick, I really appreciate all your work for us banjo lovers. I have been playing the banjo on and off for over 50 years, but have not had access to lessons or any jamming since I live in a remote area. So I came across your site and man have I learned a lot from you! I retired about 9 years ago and thought now I could play more, but it got worse. To make a long story short, I found out that I have early stage Parkinsons. So with medication I am at 99% normal, but I have had to relearn to play.  I like your teaching methods. Thanks again for all your generous work."

"I just wanted to say thank you as it is obvious that you have put in some serious time making your videos. It is people like yourself who make the world a better place by helping others. Thanks Rick!"

"Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful music with all of us. I am checking out your website regularly. It is great. You opened my musical horizon."

"I was stuck in a rut. I wasn't progressing. You have opened a door and for that I thank you."

"Your site to me is a God-send. Thank you for taking the time to put this together in such a fashion that things are starting to make sense. THANK YOU"

"I can't tell you how thankful I am for you sharing your understanding of music theory. I am 29 and a veteran of the United States Army. After I returned home from a deployment in 2006 I had many troubles trying to find myself again. I have found a lot of peace in music and art. I have been fascinated by the frequencies that surround us and I thank you very much for helping me in my understanding."

"Hi Rick, I am on chemo which has left me with little feeling in my fingers. I really enjoy your teaching style and am practicing for an hour a day. Thanks once again - I love your website. Greetings from Western Australia."

"You've inspired me to want to pick up the banjo and play again. There may be hope yet! (I'm 73 years old) I hope you'll continue to make all this valuable information available."

"I've been playing a year now after a bad accident at work shattered my wrist. I've had 14 operations and another one next month. My doctor and physical therapist reckoned picking a banjo might help because of the nerve damage in a couple of fingers. Thanks to you I can play the banjo. This is all new to me. There's not much bluegrass in Northern Ireland. God bless you and thanks again."

"I really like your style and manner of teaching and when I heard 'Knocking on Heavens Door' it brought tears of JOY to my eyes."

"Every day I'm more excited about my banjo and your video class. I am a long time with you every day. When you start the class you greet me as if we were sharing a cup of coffee on the coast of Rio de la Plata. Best regards from Buenos Aires."

"In 2006 I had several strokes and have also lost part of my eyesight. This all restricts what I can do and where I can go alone. My eyesight will not get any better they say and my strokes have caused a bit of a mess in my brain, but I am doing ok. I bought a banjo a few days ago and want to use it to help me improve my ability to think and coordinate my fingers and brain. I am going to try to use your site to help learn banjo playing as well as I can with my limitations. So keep up the good work. I will be following your website. With kind regards from London, England."

"It's a great thing you're doing Mr. McKeon. I think you've got more fans than you know. If you have any ambitions about making the world a better place, you're entitled to some sense of pride."

"I went over to my Grandmothers the other day and played Amazing Grace for her and she loved it. She is 87 and doesn't get out much especially since winter is here. Well, let me tell ya she loved it. I just wanted to say hello and thanks for the new lessons."

"I just took up the banjo after eight years of playing guitar and I wanted to thank you for all the free music and instruction. I was getting discouraged until I found your website and now I'm having a lot of fun and making progress and it's all thanks to you! I see your witness in your arrangements. May god bless and keep you."