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Traditional, Original and Public Domain Songs for the CBG

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Guitar Lessons

100: How To Play the 3-String Cigar Box Guitar (Tuned in E = EBE)
We start out with tuning the CBG and how to read the Tab. Then we introduce the Steady Bass technique. On top of the steady bass we add some Licks and combine them into a song called Ten Mile Stomp. After that we introduce the 12-Bar Blues and some great Blues Licks. Like we did with the steady bass, we combine these licks into a 12-bar solo. The 12-Bar Jam Session gives you a chance to practice the solo or try out licks of your own.
If you work your way through this course
 you will be playing some great funky blues on your 3-String CBG!!!
Booklet containing all tabs and diagrams (pdf)
Welcome (video)
Lesson 1: Tuning The 3-String CBG (video)
Lesson 2: How To Read The Tab (video)
Lesson 3: The Steady Bass (video)
Lesson 4: Licks For The 3-String (video)
Lesson 5: Ten Mile Stomp (video)
Lesson 6: 12-Bar Blues Introduction (video)
Lesson 7: Blues Licks (video)
Lesson 8: 12-Bar Solo (video)
Lesson 9: 12-Bar Jam Session (video)
Closing Comments (video)
200: Other Lessons
Songwriting for the 3-String Cigar Box Guitar (video) Figure 1 (pdf)
Figure 2 (pdf)
Figure 3 (pdf)
300: Musical Ideas
The following are not lessons, just songs that may give you some musical ideas. Feel free to copy the licks and incorporate some of these ideas into your own songs. If you are inspired to write a song I would love to hear it! Send me a link. My email address is rmckeon4@cableone.net
Gold King Blues (video)
Amazing Grace (video)
Miller Creek (video)
Whiskey Row Blues (video)
Walnut Creek Blues (video)
400: Music Theory For The 3-String Cigar Box Guitar
Chord Construction For The 3-String CBG (video) Chord Construction (pdf)