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Banjo 100: Basic Roll Patterns and Technique
Let's Play Banjo! Booklet Let's Play Banjo! booklet (pdf)
Tuning The Banjo: G Tuning (video)
Alternating Thumb Roll (video) Page 6 (pdf) Page 6 (tef)
Licks and Runs (video) Page 7 (pdf) Page 7 (tef)
Forward Roll (video) Page 6 (pdf) Page 6 (tef)
Forward Reverse RolL (video) Page 6 (pdf) Page 6 (tef)
Practice Routine Suggestions Practice (pdf)
Speed Building (video) Tab (pdf) Tab (tef)
Fretting Chords: How To Ger A Clear Sound (video) Fretting Chords (pdf)
Progress Checklist Progress (pdf)
Keep Your Banjo Safe in a Proper Stand (jpg)
Banjo 200: Beginning Level Songs
Banjo In The Hollo (video) Tab (pdf) Tab (tef)
Boil Them Cabbage Down (video) Tab (pdf) Tab (tef) Lyrics (pdf)
Bury Me Beneath The Willow (video) Tab (pdf) Tab (tef) Lyrics (pdf)
Clinch Mt. Backstep (video) Tab (pdf) Tab (tef)
Cripple Creek (video) Tab (pdf) Tab (tef) Arrangement (pdf)
Froggie Went A-Courtin' (video) Tab (pdf) Tab (tef) Lyrics (pdf)
Home Sweet Home (video) Tab (pdf) Tab (tef) Lyrics (pdf)
Mountain Dew (video) Tab (pdf) Tab (tef) Lyrics (pdf)
The Ballad of Jed Clampett (video) Tab (pdf) Tab (tef) Lyrics (pdf)
Tom Dooley (video) Tab (pdf) Tab (tef) Lyrics (pdf)
Worried Man Blues (video) Tab (pdf) Tab (tef) Lyrics (pdf)
You Are My Sunshine (video) Tab (pdf) Tab (tef) Lyrics (pdf)
Banjo 300: Video Jam Tracks
Backup Banjo: Vamping (video) Page 20 (pdf)
Here are some rules regarding jam etiquette Jam Etiquette (pdf)
Introduction To Jam Tracks (video)
Jam Track: Boil Them Cabbage Down (video)
Jam Track: Worried Man Blues (video)
Jam Track: Pig In A Pen (video)
Jam Track: Hot Corn Cold Corn (video)
Substitution Licks (video) Tab (pdf) Tab (tef)
Banjo 400: MP3 Jam Tracks
Boil Them Cabbage Down 80 bpm 120 bpm
Cripple Creek 80 bpm 120 bpm
Jesse James - Key of C 100 bpm 150 bpm
Jessie James - Key of G 100 bpm 150 bpm
Worried Man Blues 100 bpm 120 bpm
Pig in a Pen 100 bpm 120 bpm
Hot Corn Cold Corn 100 bpm 120 bpm
Two Dollar Bill 80 bpm 100 bpm 120 bpm
Banjo 500: Intermediate Level Songs
Banjo Signal (video) Tab (pdf) Tab (tef)
Hot Corn Cold Corn (video) Tab (pdf) Tab (tef) Lyrics (pdf)
Jesse James (video) Tab (pdf) Tab (tef) Lyrics (pdf)
Jesse James: Right Hand Closeup (video)
Pig In A Pen (video) Tab (pdf) Tab (tef) Lyrics (pdf)
Rocky Top (video) Tab (pdf) Tab (tef) Lyrics (pdf)
Wildwood Flower (video) Tab (pdf) Tab (tef)
Banjo 600: Gospel Songs
Angel Band (video)Tab (pdf)Tab (tef)Lyrics (pdf)
What a Friend We Have in Jesus (video)Tab (pdf)Tab (tef)Lyrics (pdf)
Banjo 700: Altered Tunings
Double C Tuning
Stephen (video) Tab (pdf) Tab (tef)

Gm Tuning
House of the Rising Sun (video) Tab (pdf) Tab (tef) Lyrics (pdf)
Mary Did You Know? (video) Tab (pdf) Tab (tef) Lyrics (pdf)
What Child Is This? (video)Tab (pdf)Tab (tef)Lyrics (pdf)

Open D Tuning
Fishin' Blues (video) Tab (pdf) Tab (tef) Lyrics (pdf)
John Henry (video) Tab (pdf) Tab (tef) Lyrics (pdf)
Glory Glory with Slide (video) Tab (pdf) Tab (tef) Lyrics (pdf)
Banjo 800: Pop, Rock, Blues and Classical
Knocking On Heavens Door (video) Tab (pdf) Tab (tef) Arrangement (pdf)
My Sweet Lady (video) Lyrics (pdf)
Rag Mama (video) Tab (pdf) Tab (tef) Lyrics (pdf)
Rag Mama - Alternate Licks Tab (pdf) Tab (tef)
Banjo 900: Music Theory for Banjo Players
Lesson 1: The Major Scale (video) Booklet (pdf)
Lesson 2: Key Signatures (video)
Lesson 3: How To Read Tablature (video)
Lesson 4: Timing Part 1 (video)
Lesson 5: Timing Part 2 (video)
Lesson 6: Chord Construction (video)
Lesson 7: Vamping With Movable Chords (video) Jam Track (mp3)
Lesson 8: Playing up the Neck (video)
Lesson 9: Chords in a Key (video)
Lesson 10: Harmonized Scales (video)
Lesson 11: Musical Intervals (video)
Banjo 1000: More Theory
The Balancing Act (pdf)
How To Memorize A Song (pdf)
Creating Banjo Arrangements (pdf)
Swing Eighths (pdf)
Musical Pitch and MIDI Numbers (pdf)