Amazing Fractal Images!
Postcards from the Complex Plane

There are some very special places to be found by the “Fractal Explorer” who ventures into this strange land.

Like the early explorers who traveled to strange and exotic places and send back reports to the Royal Geographical Society, I have been wandering the complex plane and have gathered some truly amazing images for you to enjoy.

So, pack your bags and let’s go discover some amazing places!

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What Customers Are Saying:

The author takes us on an imaginary voyage and illustrates the beauty of fractals!

"I know nothing about math, but Mr. McKeon has intrigued me with this little book on fractals. Did you know that -1 has a square root? Well, I didn't. This book isn't really about math and imaginary numbers. It's about enjoying the beauty of fractals. In fact, at the beginning of Chapter 3 he says, "You can skip this chapter if you are not into the technical stuff." OK, I like that. Fractals are patterns in nature that keep repeating themselves as they become smaller and smaller. The author takes us on an imaginary voyage and illustrates the beauty of fractals with a number of gorgeous photographs. If you are just a little curious about fractals and want an introduction to this fascinating topic, this little book may intrigue you too!"

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