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Just Released! Music Theory Made Really Easy.

I am so excited to announce that "Music Theory Made Really Easy" is finally available! This project has taken a long time, but now it's here, and I bet you will love it! If you think music theory is hard or boring, I hope to change your mind. This approach is easy and FUN! I have included lots of easy playing examples for guitar and banjo.

For more information click HERE.

Hi, I'm Rick McKeon.
In college classes, private instruction, and at summer music camps I have had the privilege of studying with some of the worlds greatest players and teachers. It's my privilege to share some of my insights with you on this website.

I am currently living in beautiful Prescott, Arizona. Since retiring I have been spending time pursuing my passion for writing, playing music and teaching. I am currently producing some video lessons on playing the guitar and banjo, writing books designed to help people enjoy nature at a deeper level, and getting out shooting some pictures with my Canon T6i camera (which I really don't know how to use very well yet).

Some of my other interests include hiking, treasure hunting, recreational mathematics, and experimenting with microcontrollers. How can it be so much fun and still be legal!

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Thanks for visiting!
Email. rmckeon4@cableone.net